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M1′s Secret Recipe for Success

Our People Makes the Difference!

It is very easy to explain the secret of M1′s success. We can only survive as a company in the heat of competition if we have the best team.

Mark of Excellence

Our people are our most important asset and at Medical One, we demand excellence from our work force. We only hire individuals with personal integrity and personal pride, offering them competitive wages and benefits, provide them with continual training and, in return, we are rewarded with motivated and fully-engaged employees.

Skill, Experience and Dedication

Our sales representatives, product and application specialists and field engineers are all equipped with adequate technical know-how to give the best customer car. Empowered, they are able to leverage our position of strength in the marketplace to make decisions that benefit you. This front-line team is supported by a highly motivated group of experienced back-office staff that is dedicated to customer service to help ensure that you get maximum benefit from our products and services.

Customer-Focused Professionals

Our ability to attract and retain high-quality people is the foundation upon which our customer relationships are built. Our customer-focused approach ensures that you will consistently work with a dedicated group of professionals who understand your business objectives and how to help ensure that those objectives are met.

Committed to You

We enjoy what we do at Medical One. By investing heavily in training and encouraging initiative, we’ve built a highly committed workforce – people who will be here to serve you for many years to come.